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phonographers: L

Richard Lerman
Professor, Media and Digital Arts Interdisciplinary Arts & Performance (Arizona State University West).

Website: http://www.west.asu.edu/rlerman Info on piezo disks (The info is free, although I ask persons to contribute to Amnesty International or an arts organization in their locale)
Email: pzo.lerman@asu.edu

Dale Lloyd
Dale is a composer/producer/phonographer/musician who has worked with sound for over ten years. Since 2001, Dale has produced the compilations for phonography.org and has curated and/OAR, a small recording label/distributor devoted to environmental recordings and sound art that utilizes them in various ways.

Works using environmental recordings since 2001:

Solo work:
- Semper
(Alluvial Recordings)
- Aionios The Fundament (Mystery Sea)
- Enabling Articulate Fields (EARlabs)
- Elemental Dialogue (s'agita recordings)
- Eminus: Hymns From The Horizon (and/OAR)
- Vulcan Augmented (and/OAR)

- Ten Below
(Petite Sono)
- A Call For Silence (Sonic Arts Network)
- Sonic Network Analysis (Stasisfield)
- Phonographic Migrations: Presque Museifu (Tiramizu)
- The Phonographers Union: Live On Sonarchy Radio (Accretions)
- USA/USB (Shadow Puppet Recording Company)
- Another Kind Of Language: dedicated to Andrei Tarkovsky (and/OAR)
- Palimpsest Project V2 (Stasisfield)
- 60" Somewhere / 60" Somewhere Else (Throat)
- lowercase sound 2002 (Bremsstrahlung Recordings)

Website: http://www.and-oar.org/dalelloyd.html
Email: dkl37@juno.com