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phonographers: A

Anode Productions is an ongoing project of Robert Carlberg (b.1954, Seattle). Since 1974 I have recorded Musique Concréte, produced recordings for other artists, created soundscapes for film, theatre and musical composition, documented rare environments, provided audio backdrops for trade shows and conventions, and amassed a large library of audio-vérité recordings.

My Anode Urban Soundscape Series (AUSS) is a series of CDRs documenting particularly-interesting environments. Unlike other "natural sound" releases which seek to record environments free of mankind - or through editing, create such an environment artificially - my series dismisses the view that all human activity is "noise pollution." We live, most of us, in human society and the natural sounds around all of us include our fellow pink apes. The sonically-rich environments presented therein will yield to careful attention, but they also can be placed in the background for reading, sleeping, or simply experiencing the ambience of a different time & place. My ultimate hope is to build up a library of such urban soundscapes, allowing one to go "around the world in 80 minutes." They also explore the idea that we don't have to travel to exotic locales or witness unusual events to find something worthy of our attention. My AUSS recordings also form the source material for "Living Underground," a 2008 CD by JDG (John D. Gore). In it he recontextualizes the specific environments, extending and overlapping them into intriguingly-complex collages of sound. For those who prefer their soundscapes processed, I heartily recommend "Living Underground."

Email: Rcarlberg@aol.com