01. Scott Taylor - Thames Canon 5/1/03 [MP3 - 2.5 MB]
The sound of cannon being fired from the Tower Of London punctuates the lapping of the water. Recorded to Sharp minidisc with DAC binaural mics on the 5th of January, 2003.

02. The Beige Channel - Coffee With Cat
The drip of my Cuisinart Automatic Grind & Brew coffee maker (black), captured simultaneously with the greedy munching of our 16-pound, 13-year old cat, Lucky (black & white). Lucky would like to credit Eukenuba Calorie-Restricted diet food for the extra crunchy textures.

03. Robert Carlberg - Snug Harbor
Leave the cabin on a bitterly cold 5am in the San Juan Islands (Washington). Walk to the dock, stopping at a loose metal sign... Recorded Saturday, November 9, 2002. This is an excerpt of a longer recording.

04. K. M. Krebs - Jericho Sailing Center (Nautical Gamelan)

05. Quiet American - Donkey Trains leaving Marpha, Nepal

06. Saw Trigge - Water And WIngs

07. Kiyoshi Mizutani - Ta-asobi
This is part of the Shinto ritual called "Ta-asobi". A drum is sounded, and a child is put on a basket, then a lion, etc. The child has a fearful experience and screams. This event wishes a good harvest and praises the born life to repeat. Recorded on February 13, 2003, Suwa Shrine, Akatsuka, Tokyo.

08. Toby Paddock - Holly_Birds
Piezo discs on a holly tree. A fir tree branch hanging down rubbing the top of the holly about 15 feet above the piezos is making the rustling sound. The sharper sounds are the birds on the branches. The piezos also pick up the bird chirps by air.

09. Anders Östberg - Shortwave 1
Radio transmissions captured late summer 2002 on a Profi world band receiver. Recorded on a Sharp MD recorder.

10. Christopher Delaurenti - Railroad Storm Drain
Recorded in late summer 2002 near Seattle's twin stadiums.

11. Andrew Duke - Hoodratdance
Recorded in the place I share with my fiance. The hood above the stove has a unique way of emitting sound. When it is very windy, it rattles violently, but even when there is no wind, just the constant movement of air in the building causes it to make interesting sounds. We call it "the hood rat" because it sounds like a rat is moving around in the hood, sometimes walking, sometimes dancing, sometimes jumping around. Recorded to mini-disc (Marantz PMD650) with unknown microphone in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, February 12, 2003 after a heavy snowfall on a brutally cold, windy day and night.

12. Murmer - Buzzing Intercom, Gospel Oak

13. Ben Owen - SLP23
Sounds of a Vandercook printing press.

14. Dallas Simpson - bottledisposal
Recorded in 2000, this is an exploration of the acoustics of an area to the rear of Broadmarsh, Nottingham by kicking a found plastic bottle between the supports of an old blue brick railway bridge now partly demolished. Following some extensive improvisation the plastic bottle was eventually disposed of in a rubbish skip near St Mary's Church. The work is an extension of the earlier Stonevandal Suite (1996) in that the final disposal of the found plastic bottle adds a dimension of social conscience to the work. Recorded in binaural stereo surround sound and is intended for headphone listening.

15. Mike Hallenbeck - Guggenheim
Recorded at the top of the spiral ramp of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York City, June 2002. The art crew was dismantling an exhibit, producing bizarre clanks, booms, and squeals as they did so. I consider the result a found percussion piece. Recorded with a Sony MZ-R700 minidisc recorder and Soundman OKM-II earbud mics.

16. Mark Griswold - Philadelphia, 30th St. Station [MP3 - 2.1 MB]

17. Glenn Bach - Saturday Morning Basketball
The mic was placed on the top of a fire extinguisher box in the corner of the gymnasium -- no reverb added in post production! Recorded with a Sharp MD-MS702 and a ECM-MS907 microphone.

18. Omnid - Science Center
Recorded at the Liberty Science Center in Jersey City, New Jersey on December 29, 2002. What you hear is an unedited recording of a computer exhibit that teaches how a computer works. Also in the background, you can hear a resonance tube being played by a child.

19. Robert Millis - Blue Jeans Salesman, Weekend Market, Bangkok, Thailand [MP3 - 4.4 MB]
Recorded in September, 2002.